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Portal Energética

This piece was part of an open call to participate in the Bienal of Multimedia Art in Ecuador and it reflects how after the pandemic, people started to realize that natural environments have become our most direct gateway to mental, emotional, and physical balance, symbolizing the global shift in consciousness towards reconnecting with a wisdom deeply rooted in nature.
Title: Portal Energética
Technique: Interactive Sculpture
Materials: Wood, LED, Digital Sensors, Plants
Dimensions: 100x100x80cm

This is an interactive installation that aims to highlight the relationship that has been restored during this 'new normal' between human beings and nature. The interaction of this work encourages visitors to press two buttons which, when pressed simultaneously, will light up the internal lights of a pyramid covered in leaves and plants. Without this participation, the pyramid will remain unlit.
This interaction refers to the digital 'clicks' that have become a reflection of our life decisions and what we consume, specifically on social media and the internet. With this work, I refer to the importance of 'clicking' into nature, especially to be able to socialize with other people safely, 'outdoors.'
The name of the piece is Energetic Portal, representing how natural spaces and environments have become our most direct gateway to mental, emotional, and physical balance. Since the pandemic began, a plant in our house, a walk in the forest, or simply watching the sunset already made us feel better; these are clear examples of the power and impact that nature has on our lives and its potential to harmonize our existence in adverse times.
Nature is a portal, an entrance to another time and space where we receive a subtle and almost intangible energy of balance and healing. This work does not seek to replace the effect of nature and its elements; it aims to demonstrate that this magic is there and that it is the best alternative for our present.
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