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As an Ecuadorian tech-artist, I merge classical art mediums with emerging technologies, sustained by a strong conceptual foundation. Through my work, I express a profound appreciation for nature and I try to find new ways in which we, as human beings, relate to our environment and to each other.


In the art world I am know for my light sculptures and installations and my work in projection mappings. I identify myself as a light explorer since I research both the physical and conceptual aspects of light. I consistently push the boundaries of creativity and various artistic languages, inviting audiences to reimagine the infinite possibilities that art and technology offer in present and future realities. My work seeks not only to capture aesthetic beauty but also to provoke deep reflection and dialogue on our interaction with ourselves, the natural environment and each other.

I studied Visual Arts in Ecuador and did a Masters in Interactive Telecommunications in NYU-Tisch School of the Arts. I have showed my work in amazing places like The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Times Square and the Light Festival in Quito (among others).


Currently, I recognize myself as a Polymath since I work in a variety of fields. Besides exploring the creative applications of art, design and tech,  I nurture the next generation of creative minds as a part-time university professor, teaching Creative Technologies and Digital Culture. I also create custom light sculptures and installations for brands, clients and collectors mainly based in Ecuador, New York and Portugal. In addition to these pursuits, I offer private lessons for people looking to understand the intricate relationship between energy and matter which is something I'm currently studying in my master's program. And finally this year I will be diving in the world of fashion technology with the debut of my light wearables brand in the summer of 2024. 

Phone            +593 999 154 432



Source of Light 
Princessa PORTA                                                                                                           LISBON, June 2023

Lucero del Nuevo Tiempo-Espacio                                                                               
Buenaventura Gallery                                                                                                    UIO, Oct 2022

Portal Energética / Energetica Portal - Interactive Light Sculpture
Art Exhibition: Biennale of Multimedia Art at Contemporary Art Center                  UIO, Oct. 2021

Flames and Flowers - Light Installation with microcontroller
Permanent Installation at Cavern Sigsi Huaico                                                           Baños , May. 2021

Partícula Esencial  / Essential Particle - Light Sculpture                                          
Art Exhibition: Incertidumbres at National Museum MUNA                                       UIO, Jan 2021

Stage design for the Fair “La Carishina” at Contemporary Art Center                      UIO, Dec. 2019

Extravaganza - Series of Light Sculptures
Temporary Installation for an event in Lisboa                                                             LISBON, Sept. 2019

Specialized conference and workshop about creative
technologies in Museums
One day event for Museum MIX at Telefonica Foundation                                          UIO, Aug. 2019

Silos - Video Mapping
Temporary Video Mural  - Silos de Chimbacalle                                                          UIO, Aug. 2019

Percepciones Místicas / Mystical Perceptions - Side Light Installation
Art Exhibition: Museum of the convent “El Carmen Alto”                                           UIO, Aug. 2019

Moonlight - Sound and Light Installation
Temporary Installation at the Botanical Garden                                                         UIO, Jul. 2019

Stage design for the Animation Festival “NULL”                                                         UIO, Jun. 2019

Rainbow Energy - Light Installation
Art Exhibition: Singular Geographies at Funka Fest                                                  Guayaquil, Jun. 2019

Stage and wardrobe design for “Funkee Bom” the opening band for
the main concert JUNGLE                                                                                             UIO, May. 2019

Caramelos y Juguetes / Candy and Toys- Video Mapping
Temporay Christmas Show - Machala Cathedral building                                        Machala, Dec. 2018

Energias Paralelas / Parallel Energies - Light Installation
Art Exhibition: II Biennale Gigantes y Derivas                                                             Cuenca, Nov. 2018

Vive Bolivar / Bolivar Alive - Video Mapping
Temporay Show - Bolivar Theater building for the Live Arts Festival                      Loja, Nov. 2018

Set design for the event “LUX Awards”                                                                        UIO, Oct. 2018

Mechanisms Workshop as part of the Art Exhibition
La Tecnología Somxs Nosotrxs at Contemporary Art Center                                    UIO, Oct. 2018

Electronic Wearables - Soft circuit fashion / light clothes
New York Fashion Week “Ecuadorian Designers” at The Melting Pot                       NYC, Sept. 2018

Madre - Interactive Installation
Art Exhibition:La Tecnología Somxs Nosotrxs at Contemporary Art Center           UIO, Aug. 2018

Fuente de Luz II / Light Source II - Light Sculpture
Art Exhibition: Simbiosis                                                                                              Macas, Aug. 2018

Rainbow Energy - Light Installation
Art Exhibition: Utopías at Contemporary Art Center                                                 UIO, Apr. 2018

Specialiced Conference about Light Interventions in Public Spaces
for the entire team of the Secretariat of Culture of Quito                                        UIO, Apr. 2018

Stars and Ships - Video Mapping
Temporary Show at Guapulo´s Church                                                                     UIO, Mar. 2018

Luminic Memory - Light Installation
Art Exhibition: Constelaciones at PUCE Art Center                                                  UIO, Dic. 2017

Sebastians Textures - Video Mapping
Temporay Show - San Sebastian Tower for the Live Arts Festival                        Loja, Nov. 2017

Criollo Church - Video Mapping
Temporay Show - San Sebastian Church for the Live Arts Festival                      Loja, Nov. 2017

Renewable Loja - Video Mapping
Temporay Show - Loja Cathedral for the Live Arts Festival                                   Loja, Nov. 2017

Fuente de Luz / Light Source - Light Sculpture
Art Exhibition: Premio Brasil at Contemporary Art Center                                    UIO, Oct. 2017

Altar de Luz / Light Altar - Light Installation
Light Festival: Fiesta de la Luz in Quito´s oldtown                                                 UIO, Aug. 2017

Criptic - Drawing    
Art Exhibition: Third National Drawing Salon                                                          Chimborazo, May. 2017

Electronic Garden - Interactive Installation
Temporary Show at Times Square                                                                            NYC, May. 2016

Music Bench - Interactive Installation
Art Exhibition at Zeta Lifestyle Gallery                                                                     UIO, Apr. 2016

Imbalance - VR Experience    
VR Art Project with an Exhibition in SOHO Samsung Gallery                                NYC, Dec. 2015

Music Bench - Interactive Installation
Art Exhibition: Rutas at Arte Actual Flacso                                                             UIO, Nov. 2015

Magical Meditation Altar - Interactive Sculpture    
Exhibition: NYC Media Lab Annual Summit                                                            NYC, Sept. 2015
Music Bench - Interactive Installation
Exhibition: Mediaval Wing, Metropolitan Museum of Art                                      NYC, Jun. 2015
Exhibition: Uris Center, Metropolitan Museum of Art                                           NYC, May. 2015

Surveillance - Interactive Video and Sound Sculpture
Salón Riese, Tisch School of the Arts NYU                                                            NYC, Apr. 2015

MET MediaLab Internship/Residency                                                                     NYC, Jan-May 2015

Music Bench - Interactive Installation
Exhibition: Future Interfaces at NYC Media Lab                                                    NYC, Nov. 2014

E.T. - Music Video Winner in the Australia Music Videos
Set Design and Art Department                                                                              UIO, Apr. 2012

Sinestesia - Video/Sculptures/Paintings/Murals
Thesis Art Exhibition at PUCE Art Center                                                                UIO, Dic. 2011

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