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The Music Bench

An interactive art piece designed to change public spaces through music and light.
Music Bench
Interactive Installation
Wood, sensors, programing, arduino, elecrical circuit, LEDs
New York - 2014/2015
This is a public art piece that intends to persuade human collaboration and interaction through music and lights.  I believe technology can be used in a different way. Smart designs with technology can take people away from the screens of their phones and make them aware of the space they are in and acknowledge the people that are around them. I also believe humanity should work together and realize that collaboration and not competition, will make us better humans. If we work together we can achieve more beautiful things!
The Music Bench lights up and plays music when sat on. Each seat plays a different instrument of  a song so when all of the seats are taken you can listen to the entire musical composition.

- Arduino



-Digital Sensors


Places it has been showcased

-The Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York City, Medieval Wing, 2015, NYC

-The Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York, Uris Center, 2015, NYC

-New York City Media Lab of Future Interfaces, 2014, NYC

-Flacso Arte Actual, 2015, Ecuador

-ITP Winter Show, 2014, NYC

-Z Lifestyle Gallery, 2015, Ecuador



The Music Bench needs original music and sound files  so they can fit into the code.

The music compositions The Music Bench has played so far:

- The Marriage of Figaro (Overture)

Composed by Students from the Steinhardt Department at NYU


Original Composition by Joan Jeanrenaud

First Prototypes
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