Magical Meditation Altar

Designed to test the power of your Mind through a brainwave sensor.
The user sits on a chair in front of the Altar where it´s placed a wireless brainwave sensor and given the prompt to meditate and concentrate on moving the elements placed on the Altar. The brainwave sensor captures the level of concentration of the users mind, zero being little concentration and 100 being the most intense concentration. The brainwave sensor then communicates to the electrical circuit telling it to activate the different elements one by one giving the user the satisfaction of moving the elements with their mind.
The Magical Meditation Altar was inspired by the shape of a cross that represents the four basic elements and the four Cardinal directions. This cross is used in rituals in Latin America by Native tribes and I have been using it as well for my personal spiritual rituals. The Altar has one element for fire, another for Water, other for Earth and another for Air. Each element moves when its activated and they also have a spiral line of LEDs that guide the path of the element to the center of the Altar which forms part of a light design of a galaxy when all the elements are activated by the users mind.
For the fabrication I used wood, designed the cross in Illustrator and used a CNC router to Cut it perfectly. I had to make a top part to hold the details of the Altar and a bottom to hold the parts that are not meant to be seen like the motors and circuits that make the elements move and light up.
- Brainwave Sensor

- Arduino

- Processing

- Leds

- Motors



Places it has been showcased

- New York City Media Lab Annual Summit 2015

- ITP Spring Show 2015