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Lucero del Nuevo Tiempo-Espacio

(Rising Light of the New Time-Space)

This works are inspired by the global shift in consciousness towards reconnecting with a wisdom rooted in nature.
Title: Rising light of the New Time and Space
Materials: Wood, LED, Mirrors, Amethyst
Technique: Wall Sculpture
Size: (40 x 40 x 8 cm)
Year: 2022
These works are the result of my exploration in creating light-based paintings suitable for wall hanging. I am particularly fascinated by the detail that the light does not project directly towards the viewer, but rather offers the opportunity to perceive only its reflection. I consider this a unique way of 'painting' the wall with light. At the same time, I have been intensely experimenting with mirrors and crystals, which led me to design snakes and circles of mirrors for this piece. Thus, it reflects light during the day, allowing the work to shine not only in darkness but also under natural light
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