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Fuente de Luz I
(Light Source I)

Fuente de Luz

Light Sculpture

Tree, Magnolia Seeds, Eucalyptus Seeds, Quartz, Polylepis Bark, Magic Beans,  Medlar Seeds, Birds Nest, Birds Egg, Feathers, Leds Diode, LED Ribbon.

Premio Brasil, Quito - 2017

Fuente de Luz is a proposal that tries to persuade a more intimate relationship between the viewer and the work of art. The idea is to strive for a new type or artistic creation, where the public is no longer told to "admire but dont touch" the art bur rather an invitation to connect with the elements of the piece. This idea was born when I found a tree that was cut down and it gave me the feeling that it was still alive and most importantly that it wanted to stay alive, so I decorated it with other natural objects, creating something like a collage with different elements found in the mountain and the forest. I also decided to insert light inside and underneath the tree so it looks like its glowing and make it more mystical. The viewer was able to touch and smell the piece, increasing the sensations of connection with its natural elements.

Fuente de Luz II
(Light Source II)


Fuente de Luz II

Light Sculpture

Magnolia Flowers, Azucena Flowers Flowers, Tree bark, Light, Pink Quartz

Simbiosis, Macas, 2018

Fuente de Luz II is part of the same concept as the previous work but in this case the idea was to create a light nest that highlighted the beauty of nature and to reveal how the same leafs that form this nest, would naturally desintegrate in less than one month but by being part of a work of art, looked and admired by humans the leafs can last for a much longer period of time. This piece has more than three years and its still standing in one piece.
The lightbulb is covered with pink quartz and its suppose to represent a magical egg.
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