These pieces intend to share an idea I have since I was little,
nature is the most direct door for a fulfilling spiritual practice.
This is why I created a series of works representing this idea called
Fuente de Luz which translates to Source of Light.
All of this works are made with natural organic found
elements combined with light.

Fuente de Luz I

Tree, Magnolia Seeds, Eucalyptus Seeds, Quartz, Polylepis Bark, Magic Beans,  Medlar Seeds, Birds Nest, Birds Egg, Feathers, Leds Diode, LED Ribbon.

Premio Brasil, Quito, 2017

Fuente de Luz II


Magnolia Flowers, Azucena Flowers, Tree bark

Simbiosis, Macas, 2018

Memoria Lumínica


Tree Root, LED strip

Constelaciones, Quito, 2017