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Energías Paralelas

(Parallel Energies)

A light installation representing the humans energy body
Light and Dark human beings
Energias Paralelas
Light Installation
Metal, LEDs
Cuenca - 2018
Parallel Energies is an installation created for the old abandoned IESS hospital in Cuenca. This work expresses the idea that several people were born and died in that hospital, regardless of whether their actions were positive or negative in this world, all human beings have the same essence of energy. This energy of the human being is represented by the colors of what some oriental cultures call the chakras. This is a work that was born from "Rainbow Energy" where I acquired the curiosity for the force that the simplicity of the abstraction of light and color has to communicate my ideas.
Showcased in " II Bienal de Gigantes y Derivas", Cuenca, 2018
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